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Fire the officer responsible for the death of Mason!

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Police are meant to protect and serve, but if a police officer is neglectful enough of the well being of another living thing to the point of death then how can we expect them to do their job? Mason did not deserve to die what can only be described as a gruesome death; one can only imagine how horrible it must have been to slowly overheat in a car with the sun of an Alabama summer beating down raising the temperature inside that car to well over 100 degrees within only minutes. What Mason suffered was an agonizing death simply because this officer was too lazy and selfish to think of anyone but himself for even a second. Police should be held to a higher standard than a civilian, and we would not accept such negligence from your average citizen. We demand that Corporal Josh Coleman immediately be removed from active duty and terminated from his position on the Gulf Shores Police Department. Anything else will be a clear message that the Gulf Shores Police Department does not value the lives of Man's best friend or the values of the people it is supposed to protect.

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