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This is a complaint regarding a TV show called Ishqbaaz that airs on Star Plus from Mon-Fri at 10 pm. Initially the show promised to deliver us a tale of 3 brothers but it never stuck to its plot and went on to focus only on the lives of the eldest brother and his love interest. This gave rise to the spin off show called Dil Boley oberoi to focus on the other 2 brothers which was merged with the parent show in july 2017 with a promise that from merger onwards Ishqbaaz would focus equally on all the brothers lives. BUT it has been more than 8 months The show viewers have not seen any progress in the lives of the characters ( OMKARA, GAURI, RUDRA, BHAVYA) that joined from Dil Boley Oberoi. The makers keep showing the romance of the eldest brother for the whole episode. The makers have such a unrealistic character sketch for the middle brother who can't speak up for his own wife when needed. We are paying for the channel subscription, putting in our time to watch but the story is just progressing and the producers and the writers just keep on showing unnecessary romance of only 1 couple who have already progressed a lot.
They have made fun of VANVAAS and now they are showing modernized version of the weapon of LORD VISHNU which is absolutely not acceptable. Kindly take into account the fans of DIL BOLEY OBEROI have sent in a lot of emails to the producers and the channel regarding this but they choose to turn a deaf ear towards our complaints.