University Exams should be made online or merit based promotion should be granted

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As we all may have heard the exams of last semester students in UG and all semesters in PG would be taken according to the guidelines of UGC but we have a little panic inside us that made us write this.

We have no bias against our exam not being taken but there will be lots of people coming from lots of different society and places red zone. Orange zone. Green zone maybe. But we won’t be knowing who is carrying what and considering the number of people who would be coming for examination including professors, supervisors, paper distributors, there is a good chance to being exposed to Covid even though precautions are taken. The cases in Ahmedabad are already close to 10k figure and rising. By the time of exam they most probably would’ve crossed 10k. We know masks and sanitizers will most probably be provided but that has not helped so far, and it will NOT help now.

Our concern is what if we contract Covid while appearing for examination and pass it on to our families? We will not know until few days later and by that time we would have been to our home and have put our families at risk of the same. Who would like to be the student who contracts covid to their own family? Let me remind you it is a viral disease of respiratory system which makes breathing difficult and has no vaccine or cure or anything that makes it easy to live with and the people of age of our parents and professors are most vulnerable from this virus as per the studies.

UG Semester 8 and PG students also have families just like other people and semester and we are asking that why government is putting their lives on risk over a exam. Their marks like rest of the semesters can be very well established optimumly from previous semesters average grades as well as internal. But instead my going to give exam with thousands of other students we are putting our families at risk. Nobody wants that. Think about it. Final semester students are human too.

Again we would like to highlight that we are not against examination but are against of putting our families at risk from coronavirus.

Just because GTU is not able to make online exam platform available for final year students does not mean they should risk their and their family’s health by being out there in crowd. Even IIT Kanpur has given grace to their students. Being empathetic instead of being stubborn in this matter is the way. It’s not about exams. It’s about health now.

The last year students can just be as easily graded from the average of 7 semesters they have worked before on and can be given average based on internal as well as from the previous exam scores. Literally we have given the most exams in the engineering and so our average can be easily optimum grade given to us.

Also, being in UG 8th Semester we’d like to add that we have never really been judged on the basis of our 8th sem subjects anywhere, may it be job interviews or college applications. So, the subjects we currently have in our final semester are of very negligible importance as compared to the 2nd and 3rd year subjects.

So it is our humble request to consider our plea and help students of final semester UG and PG like the rest of the semesters and be graded the same way like them, for the sake of our and our family’s health.

Thank you and hope this message goes through to you.