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End Chicken Killing Festival

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It's not much of a stretch to say that China has an awful animal rights record. There are numerous traditions that are still around. Most of them, unfortunately, involve killing a defenseless innocent animal. This tradition is no different.

In Kam village of Gantuan in Guizhou, there is a wedding tradition called “steal the chicken at the drum tower”. A live chicken is tied to a pole and people then tear at it. Whoever tears the chicken apart first is the winner. Yes, you read that right, in China, live chickens are being torn apart for the sake of an outdated tradition. The Chickens are literally ripped apart, fully conscious of the pain being inflicted upon them.

This archaic tradition takes animal abuse to a whole new level. No animal, not even a chicken deserves to torn apart by hordes of bloodthirsty humans. Please sign and share, together we can put an end to this horrific practices.

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