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Tell Guinness to Keep the Fish Bladders Flowing

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For more than 250 years, Guinness stout has been the quintessential beer of Ireland, made with a delicious combination of only the finest barley, hops, and, of course: dried fish bladders.

But now, in an effort to appeal to an extremely vocal minority, Guinness says it will change its time-honored recipe and stop using these tasty bladders to filter its iconic beer, effectively raising the white flag to the vegetarian-vegan horde. By 2016, the classic, piscine-distilled Guinness you enjoyed as a wee lad/lass will be no more. Unless we take action.

Sign this petition and let those shillelagh-brandishing fat cats at St. James’s Gate know that you won’t stand for a bladder-less Guinness. (And that maybe they should throw a few strips of beef jerky in there to make it up to us.) Because a Guinness that hasn’t been clarified through fish bladder extract might as well be American beer.

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