KEEP GRIMSLEY VINTAGE! Save our Baseball and Softball Fields!

KEEP GRIMSLEY VINTAGE! Save our Baseball and Softball Fields!

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Attention Whirlies and supporters: 

Guilford County Schools is planning to destroy our Softball and Baseball Fields.

Please help us save our Softball and Baseball Fields and Facilities by emailing :

Michelle Reed @

Pat Tillman @

Deborah Napper @

Winston McGregor @

Sharon Contreras @

There is a plan to build the new Kiser Middle School on these two fields.

They are actively surveying the land.

There is no future plan in writing that has been shared with the public at this time beyond the rebuild of Kiser that pertains to the Grimsley fields and facilities rebuild.

Grimsley has a student population of 1,720.

35% (approx. 600) are student athletes.

The softball and baseball teams are not the only teams that use these fields and facilities. Most of our athletic team rely on these fields and facilities also due to the lack of field space on our Grimsley campus.

Please see the list below of all of the teams that this will affect.

Baseball JV & Varsity


Field Hockey JV & Varsity

Cross Country

Women's Lacrosse

Men's Lacrosse JV & Varsity

Women's Soccer JV & Varsity

Men's Soccer JV & Varsity

Many questions that we need to ask the Guilford County School Board include, but are not limited to...

1. Where will our athletes practice and play?

2. Will there be a cost associated with "renting" fields and who will be responsible to pay for it?

3. How will they get to the off campus fields and facilities?

4. If busing is involved, who will be responsible to pay for it?

5. Where will the new softball and baseball fields and facilities be built?

6. Where is the money that will be used to build these fields and facilities?

7. When will these fields and facilities be built?

8. Will facilities be built to match or give our athletes better facilities?

9. Where is the plan for the future redevelopment of the fields and facilities?

10. Why is GCS destroying the Grimsley fields and facilities that are in near perfect condition that our community has helped build and maintain starting back when they were built in 1953 by Willie Young Sr. and Lewis McCall when there is land directly behind Kiser to rebuild?


Here's what the school board has told us...

1. There are other possible Kiser building site locations. Sites not disclosed.

2. The final location of the Kiser rebuild has not been decided on. (Even though the media is reporting that the site location is our Baseball and Softball fields.)

3. The architectural plans just began being worked on last week.

4. There are other schools that have to practice and play off site. (Who? Please name one Guilford County High School that has this issue.)

5. There is a plan to allocate money to Guilford County School Athletics facilities and fields, but there is nothing in writing on which schools get the money, which doesn’t exist at this moment as it is part of the School Bond that has yet to be voted on.

6. They were not aware that anyone from Grimsley would be against this plan.

7. They did not understand that if we were against this plan why the Grimsley Community didn’t attend the Kiser rebuild on Kiser property meetings held at Kiser for Kiser families.

GRIMSLEY COMMUNITY the time is NOW!!! Email them, call them, ask them the questions…WE deserve to know!

The Young McCall Baseball Field is named for Willie Young Sr., a Grimsley custodian and groundskeeper for more than 40 years, and Lewis McCall, who took the Whirlies to win the state baseball championships in 1960 and ’64. 

Young worked as a groundskeeper at War Memorial Stadium until Grimsley hired him in 1949. His responsibilities included tending the field at Jamieson Stadium and the baseball field. Young also helped develop clay tennis courts at the school.

McCall coached baseball for eight seasons in the late 1950s and early ’60s and took Grimsley to four state championship games and 100 conference victories in 111 games.


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