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We are petitioning Guernsey County Dog Shelter, and Pound Dog Partners.

*URGENT* Even thought Guernsey County Dog Shelter was a high-kill shelter to begin with, they take their relationship with pit bulls to another disgusting and inhumane level

Sometimes, depending on the state of the dog and if they have enough room in the shelter, they won't even let a pit bull in. And even worse, if the "Warden" states that the dog is a pit bull mix, they may or may not even take the dog into their care system!

Even more shockingly, pit bulls, or pit bull mixes, determined by the "Warden" can not even be adopted, and will never be released.

And Guernsey County Dog Shelter takes it to a new level, no matter what, they euthanize every pit bull or pit bull mix, as chosen by the "Warden" within 24 HOURS.

This dog may just be minding his/her own business, when you take him/her in, cage them up, give them NO CHANCE of freedom, and kill them the next day. This makes pit bulls and pit bull mixes look like criminals in your eyes...

Every other dog has three days to be adopted out, because of space, and illness... 

I have to agree with Guernsey County Dog Shelter about the overcrowding and illness, it can really harm some other dogs.

But even if there is enough room, and the dog is not ill, pit bulls and pit bull mixes, as determined by the "Warden", will never be adopted, released, and will be euthanized the next day.

These dogs could be so sweet and Guernsey County Dog Shelter is not even giving them a chance!

Imagine you are in the Guernsey County Dog Shelter and you see a sweet pit bull or pit bull mix, and you want her/him, and the "Warden" says no... Because it's a pit bull/pit bull mix.

Help me to stop Guernsey County Dog Shelter from discriminating pit bulls and pit bull mixes!

I encourage you to send protest letters to their P.O box,

P.O. Box 1384, Cambridge, Ohio 43725

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