Get GUCCI to make amends with Disabled Creatives and for plagiarizing Sharona! 

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Please sign and share this petition and hold multibillion-dollar luxury brand GUCCI accountable for targeted theft of a disabled artist and 
for actively undermining ethics of marginalized freelance artistry, which affects all workers but in this instance particularly a person with disabilities. Not only did GUCCI plagiarize Sharona Franklin’s intellectual property after rather boldly asking her to explain how to make it, GUCCI also took her artistic work that intrinsically spoke against ableism and divorced it from its powerful advocacy which was intended to give visibility to disabled lives.  GUCCI also claims diversity within the #guccichangemakers 2019 diversity campaign yet erases disabled creatives entirely with zero disability representation and has stolen meaningful artwork from a disabled artist.

Large corporations like GUCCI MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR ABUSING POWER and exploiting low-income disabled artists and marginalized creatives.
Disabled people are historically excluded from the workplace, fashion and art industries. Disabled people live in high-risk, often lose jobs due to lack of accommodations, repeat hospitalizations, medical treatments, symptoms, and are often not hired due to stigma, liability claims and doubt of their capabilities. Disabled people fight barriers both bureaucratically and physically beyond comprehension, and live in extreme states of poverty while experiencing workplace exclusion. 

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Sharona Franklin on her Enchanting Edible Art, Disability Erasure, and The Importance of Natural Elements in her Work - Audrey Gorden

Following weeks of back-and-forth emails, under the false pretenses that she would be flying out to Rome to create edible art for a global fashion house, GUCCI asked Sharona to sign an NDA. GUCCI arranged a phone call to discuss her process for creating her artwork in May 2019. After communicating for 5 weeks and speaking on the phone about the project, they suddenly canceled the job and ghosted her claiming they had budget issues and that ‘someone else would execute’ the job. But in September 2019, GUCCI released 2020 Cruise campaign images, GUCCI blatantly plagiarized artist Sharona Franklin's art intending to sell products and make earnings from the campaign. Her network of friends and followers raised the alarm and began tagging her. After responding to numerous questions if the work was hers or not, Sharona went public with the details and began advocating for herself. She was forced to break the GUCCI NDA to do so. She publically and firmly called for acknowledgment and respect for her personhood as a disabled artist. Though Gucci tried to legally silence her, the injustice was too great. She decided to speak out against disabled exclusion in fashion, not only for her self but for many others who have experienced similar discrimination. Thousands of people from all walks of life have spoken to support Sharona's experience and collectively speak truth to power by inundating GUCCI feeds with reference to the plagiarism and demanding GUCCI to ‘Pay Disabled Artists’ and to fairly compensate and credit her work. 
For context, Sharona Franklin is a multidisciplinary disabled artist (writer, sculptor, performance artist, meme-slinger, ableism activist, a disability match-maker, essayist, lecturer, clothing maker, facilitator, designer). Sharona lives on social assistance, is very physically impaired with multiple lifelong childhood diseases, takes daily injections, high-risk medications, and lives in social housing.
Sharona's Art and Advocacy work: 
Sign and share this petition via e-mail, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to support Sharona and disabled creatives in need of equal opportunity in creative industries. We're not making this campaign to speak only of GUCCI’s intellectual property, theft and plagiarism- but we are collecting signatures to demand action from Gucci. We want them to make amends and work with Sharona to create inclusion of the disabled community within their claims of change making.. Help us get GUCCI to answer this call of accountability, answer to the unethical damage they have caused, and answer to their lack of inclusivity. Urge GUCCI to make amends to Sharona for misappropriating her art and for the time and energy expended during this painful process. 
Sign and Share this Petition to hold GUCCI accountable for the plagiarism of a disabled artist! 

This petition was created by Jesse Orr, in collaboration with other friends and artists from the disability community.