Support Suzanne Moore of The Guardian for championing women’s rights

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On Monday 2nd March 2020, Suzanne Moore wrote a column outlining the current trend for no platforming of both academics and feminists ( other than those labelled as trans allies) at conferences, university events and other public platforms. 
The central argument was the need for women to be able to self organise and to be heard in the social conversation about women’s rights which, it appears have become conflated with trans rights which has subsequently gone on to dominate the national conversation on  sex based rights. Every time women speak there is a backlash caused by an orchestrated campaign by transactivists aided and abetted by media savvy organisations to make it appear that the majority agree with their stance. Those of us who are the victims of these attacks are often left on the back foot.

last year I successfully ran a campaign to retain the name of Dame Jenny Murray on a lecture theatre in the face of aggressive transactivists and allies who wanted it removed.

Suzanne Moore must be allowed to continue writing respectful but challenging copy  otherwise the views of transideology will not be challenged. This will harm all respectful women, whether they are born women or transitioned to being a woman.

please join me in petitioning the guardian to allow this healthy debate to continue on their pages.