Guardian Animal Soap: PLEASE STOP selling shark skin and cartilage as dog treats

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Guardian Animal Soap: PLEASE STOP selling shark skin and cartilage as dog treats

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Brielle Revello started this petition to Guardian Animal Soap and

Dear Guardian Animal Soap,

"As apex predators positioned at the top of the marine food chain, sharks are highly exposed to toxic compounds like lead, cadmium, and many persistent organic pollutants (POPs) including DDT and PCBs." -Madison Stewart

Sharks have been found to contain the highest concentrations of methyl mercury than any other form of seafood. Selling shark meat and products, that are highly contaminated with dangerous toxins and heavy metals, to dogs is unacceptable. Toxins and chemicals such as Arsenic, Microplastics, Methylmercury, Urea and Lead bioaccumulate and biomagnify in apex predators making shark meat poisonous to consume. Shark is NOT a part of a dogs natural diet and there is no excuse to feed such a dangerous product to our pets. Cooking and drying does not eliminate or change the content of mercury in shark meat.

Humans are decimating shark populations at an alarming rate due to the demand for fin soup, cartilage products, overfishing, organised hunts, by-catch, shark nets, culls and poor management of fisheries while also destroying their ocean habitat and disrupting the ecosystem therefore, "removing" any number of sharks from the ocean for cartilage and skin products is not sustainable. 

"Flake" is a general term for any species of shark and often species that are endangered and vulnerable such as the scalloped hammerhead shark and the shortfin mako are regularly caught in Australian NSW and QLD fisheries. With no knowledge of the species of sharks your products come from, it is likely you are contributing to the depletion of endangered species. By-catch of non-target species such as dolphins, seals and seabirds is also an issue concerning shark fishing.

Sharks play an important role in keeping our oceans balanced and they are widely misunderstood yet beautiful animals. Education is key to saving our oceans and the life within. We need to learn to respect and coexist with such an incredibly evolved creature such as the shark and If you consider your dog as a member of your family, you wouldn't feed them plastics, arsenic, mercury or lead. 

"Marine organisms absorb and cannot excrete some toxins and heavy metals that enter the oceans from pollutants.  These toxins accumulate in a fish’s body as it eats other fish, this is known as "bioaccumulation," the toxins travel through the food web from prey to predator, continuing to increase in concentration in a process called 'biomagnification.'"- Madison Stewart

Since sharks eat a lot of fish in their relatively long life span, they carry a very highly concentrated amount of mercury and methyl mercury in their bodies, which also does not dissolve during their lifetime. Some shark species can live for 50 years or more, consuming many toxin-laden fish and storing those toxins in their bodies.

"Methylmercury is an organic form of mercury, a neurotoxin. Organizations throughout the world, including the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), recognize mercury to be a dangerous neurotoxin and warn against eating shark, especially pregnant women, women who plan to become pregnant, or children.”-SHARK SAVERS

It is time to take action and support the health of our oceans by ceasing the senseless slaughter of sharks. 

We encourage consumers to boycott shark products and urge Guardian Animal Soap to discontinue selling shark products in concern for our pets health, the conservation of the oceans as well as the welfare and protection of sharks.

Please join and share this campaign to raise awareness for the plight of sharks and make sure that pet owners and businesses are not misled into buying toxic shark products for their dogs.


(Amazing leopard shark photo taken by Jordan Delves)

Confirmed victory

This petition made change with 1,413 supporters!