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In this request we are NOT asking GTArcade / YOOZOO / Tencent to make any kind of in-game gift. No amount of resources is required.

The change we are looking for is that GTArcade / YOOZOO / Tencent, improve the general status of the Saint Seiya Awakening Global server "KOTZ".

The events are VERY different from the original China server, as are the drop percentages, which are much lower.

Most players feel like they are being robbed.
We do not expect GTArcade / YOOZOO / Tencent to grant the same amount of resources as the original version, but we do expect an improvement at the level of events and resource farming.

As an example we can take the recent event of Leo Divino in China

Expected situation (original event from China):
The character was given a gift, and in addition, the players were given an event by which they could obtain Skill Scrolls exclusive to that character.

What we don't want:
An event where the character is sold, for example, at 1 dollar, without the possibility of enjoying the same event as in China


We hope that through this request, GTArcade / YOOZOO / Tencent understand that what we are looking for is not to lose the game that we like so much and to continue enjoying it in a better way.





En esta peticion NO estamos pidiendo que GTArcade/YOOZOO/Tencent haga ningun tipo de regalo dentro del juego. Ninguna cantidad de recursos es requerida.

El cambio que buscamos es que GTArcade/YOOZOO/Tencent, mejore el estado general del servidor Global de Saint Seiya Awakening "KOTZ".

Los eventos son MUY distintos de los del servidor original de China, al igual que los porcentajes de drop, que son mucho menores.

La mayoria de los jugadores sienten que les estan robando.
No esperamos que GTArcade/YOOZOO/Tencent otorguen la misma cantidad de recursos que la version original, pero si esperamos una mejora a nivel eventos y farmeo de recursos.

Como ejemplo podemos tomar el reciente evento de Leo Divino en china

Situacion esperable ( evento original de China ):
Se regalo al personaje, y ademas, se les otorgo a los jugadores un evento por el cual podian obtener Scrolls de habilidad exclusivas de dicho personaje.

Qué no queremos:
Un evento donde vendan al personaje, por ejemplo, a 1 dolar, sin la posibilidad de disfrutar del mismo evento que en la china.

Esperamos que mediante este petitorio, GTArcade/YOOZOO/Tencent entiendan que lo que buscamos es no perder el juego que tanto nos gusta y poder seguir disfrutando de el de una mejor manera.