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Repeal New Changes to Section1.2.4 Regarding New Photo Rules & Regulations

As you are probably aware, GSREIN directors have imposed new, very strict & excessive requirements dictating the number of photographs all agents MUST enter into MLS for their listings. For example, all EXCELLENT condition residential listings require a minimum of 10 photos, including ALL baths, kitchen, master bedroom, front, REAR, etc.

It should be left up to an agent and his or her client as to how to portray a property effectively online. Though, GSREIN's recent work to improve the quality & consistency of MLS data is to be applauded, this new rule is over-the-top & cumbersome to abide and will be a source for many unintended errors and potential fines. GSREIN’s new rules have allowed exceptions to these requirements only IF WE FAX IN A STATEMENT FROM THE SELLER stating that fewer pictures are desired. Essentially, we will be asking GSREIN in writing for permission to select the photos we feel are best to market a property. These new rules constitute an unnecessary layer of SUPERVISION and paperwork to the listing process that does not respect an agent's OR his/her client's TIME & judgment.

Other Reasons to Support the Repeal of these New Changes to MLS Photo Rules & Regulations:
-Not all listings, even in excellent condition, warrant 10 photos;
-Excellent condition condos don’t always have REAR & yard photo opportunities;
-Real estate agents are small business owners and professionals with the good judgment to select the photos that best highlight a property;
-Agents who are not professional enough to post adequate photos will be punished by the market, naturally. We don’t need this level of babysitting accomplish what will occur on its own; and
-Not all bathrooms were meant to be photographed & baths as a rule are difficult to photograph.

Please take a moment to join me in signing this petition to let GSREIN know that this level of supervision is too much. Thank you! Bart Gillis, Realtor

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