Pull "Kathleen Hale Is A Crazy Stalker" from publication

Pull "Kathleen Hale Is A Crazy Stalker" from publication

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Angela Martin started this petition to Grove Atlantic and

The signers of this petition are requesting the immediate and permanent removal of Kathleen Hale Is A Crazy Stalker from publication. Please do not reward criminal behavior with money and fame.

The Petition
Grove Atlantic's website claims "A Century of Publishing Excellence." With a long list of award winners (including Pulitzer), renowned literary fiction and memoirs, and books that continue to affect readers after decades of publication, this would seem to be the case.

However, in June 2019, Grove Atlantic's imprint, Grove Press, has on its publication roster Kathleen Hale Is A Crazy Stalker by Kathleen Hale. In 2014, Ms. Hale published a YA novel, for which a Goodreads reviewer left a 1-star review. In October 2014, Ms. Hale admitted to The Guardian that she willfully and with premediation stalked the reviewer to the point of going to the reviewer's home and leaving a "gift" of another book (Anna Quindlen's A Short Guide to a Happy Life), although she had full intentions of confronting the reviewer.

Goodreads is known in the author world as having several reviewer cyberbullies in it. Just about every author  can tell you the story of the time they were attacked by cyberbullies on Goodreads. However, should this be the case with this particular reviewer, it would never make Ms. Hale's abhorrent and appalling behavior a suitable response. Cyberbullying is not acceptable in any form, but stalking is taking things to an entirely new level - a criminal one. To further this atrocity, according to her own admission in The Guardian, she also dragged others into her criminal behavior: host of MTV's Catfish (who encouraged her stalking, per Ms. Hale's story), a former filmmaker and professor / lecturer at Harvard, and a "contact" at a publishing company.

And this is not her first instance of stalking! See end of petition for link to her other stalking and assault crime - this is all by her own admission.

Now, Ms. Hale's admitted criminal behavior is being rewarded with a publishing deal where she details out her crime in an "extraordinary" essay as "an exhilarating new voice whose commentaries on womanhood, obsession, and the Internet are both hilarious and profound" - this all according to Grove Atlantic's website where her book is listed.

Stalking is a serious crime which should be punished in a court of law, not rewarded with a publishing deal. Criminals should never be given the idea that their behavior is not only acceptable, but that it is welcomed in today's society - especially in one where we there is such a push back against cyberbullying and where victims everywhere are battling courts and police for effective stalking laws. If Ms. Hale felt she had been cyberbullied, there was a much better way to handle it rather than becoming a stalker and threatening the well-being of her alleged online bully. Instead, she took the situation to the extreme.

Now, Grove Atlantic and Grove Press is saying it is perfectly okay to handle the situation in the way she did, even to where they are paying her for her bad behavior. Given the fact that Ms. Hale writes YA books, this is also a horrible example to give to her YA readers who may read Ms. Hale's book and think that stalking is "cool" and "hilarious" as well as acceptable if you feel you are being bullied or catfished. Please send a message that this is not proper behavior and it will never be rewarded.

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!