Stop the Fur Market: Tell Grouse Mountain to Stand up for its Portrayed Values

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My name is Cortney and I am a former employee of Grouse Mountain Resorts Ltd. in North Vancouver, British Columbia. Grouse Mountain has been an advocate for wildlife education for several years. They house two orphaned grizzly bears as well as a retired timber wolf that was once working in the film industry. In addition to care taking, they offer several educational programs that teach students the importance of conserving British Columbia’s wildlife and wild places. Grouse Mountain should be commended for the work they do in educating the public about Canada's environment and wildlife.

Ironically, Grouse Mountain is selling products that are a result of the torture and mistreatment of innocent wild animals, while promoting conservation and education at the same time. These products include the brand Canada Goose hooded jackets with coyote fur ruff. Canada Goose purchases fur from trappers whose methods include leg-hold traps, which are shamefully still legal in every province and territory across Canada. These traps are designed to hold an animal fighting for their life. Animals will, and do, break teeth and bones trying to escape. Trap check times range from every 20 hours to once every 14 days. Many of these animals die of starvation, dehydration or blood loss. Furthermore, these traps often kill other "non-target" species such as endangered or protected wildlife and pets. (For more information please visit:

Please let Grouse Mountain know that selling these products is contradictory to the image and values that Grouse Mountain portrays and should be terminated immediately. If you know of a place selling fur products in your area, I encourage you to petition them. Without a market for fur products, we can finally put an end to the cruel practice of fur trapping worldwide.

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