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With the over exploitation of sharks globally, and over 100 million being killed every year for Shark Fin Soup, Shark Catilage Products, Liver Oil etc, we are losing the apex predators that keep the oceans eco-systems in balance.

By promoting or selling shark product deals on Groupon, you are contributing to the slaughter of the worlds sharks.

Letter to
GROUPON South Africa
and 3 others
GROUPON Operations Director Asia Pacific Mr Chen Chow
Stop Promoting & Selling Shark Products on Groupon

Today I see that GROUPON Hong Kong have sent out a promotion for SQUINA Shark Capsules. You are obviously either unaware or do not care about where your promotional items come from. I would like to think that its the former. If GROUPON are a responsible company, knowing now that sharks are under severe threat of extinction, they would no longer promote any shark products. This would include restaurants or hotels selling shark fin soup as well as Shark Liver Capsules and Shark Cartilage Tablets.
To give you an example, one processing factory for shark cartilage uses 235,000 large coastal shark each month. That's more that 2.8million sharks every year, and that's just one factory - one brand!!!
Please consider the implications of this to our worlds shark populations that are already under severe pressure from Shark Fin Soup. Sharks are what are known as apex predators, they are the top of the oceanic food chains and maintain the balance of all life within the oceans. If they are removed, the consequences could be devastating.

I await your public announcement that you will no longer promote of sell ANY shark products.

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