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Make "The Big Four" Supermarkets Guarantee Free-Range Eggs

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Out of all the supermarkets in Britain, only Waitrose guarantees that all of the eggs it sells are organic or free-range. This is a problem, as, due to pricing, many more people shop at "The Big Four" supermarkets (Sainsbury's, Asda, Morrisons and Tesco) than at Waitrose. Battery-farm hens are kept in atrocious conditions; inside tiny cages, with no room to run around and often no contact with other hens. It is also rare for battery hens to be fed a good diet. This is animal cruelty at its peak- just because the abused animal isn't a dog or a cat, doesn't mean that the abuser is doing any less damage. We have human rights, and animals have animal rights- so why are chickens being so horrifically abused? Free-range eggs being guaranteed at "The Big Four" supermarkets is only a small change, but it would make a huge difference to chicken wellbeing and animal wellbeing as a whole.

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