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Bring Harley back Home

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You all know the saying, You can't teach an old dog new tricks. Well,Griffin Pond Animal Shelterr has failed the well being of their animals once again...........The public has been under the assumption that they were going to change their ways after the allegations/truths that recently surfaced. But let me tell you. Some things just never change......

Harley, my sisters dog is a foster from Griffin Pond Animal Shelter. He was one of the dogs rescued from the hoarding situation in scott township last year. Alexis, has been fostering him since the night he was rescued. My sister and I were the ones who responded to the Facebook post from GP begging for fosters and for help because they could not hold all the dogs they rescued that night. We drove up to GP at 10:30pm and brought dogs down to a volunteer’s shop to get flea baths because they were absolutely disgusting. We were there until early morning, helping with whatever was needed.

My sister has taken Harley to every vet appointment he has ever had, paid for everything he has ever needed, with no help from Griffin Pond.

If you know Alexis, this dog has been like a child to her. He goes everywhere with her. To work, up the lake house, sometimes to even school. He’s well known on Kings College campus.

Sadly on January 20th Harley was stolen from my sister by her ex roommate. While Alexis lived at Kings, her roommate Bri suffered from depression, and found happiness in Harley. When my sister moved home, she didn’t want to hurt her former friend, and not let her see Harley. So as a good friend, she let Bri see Harley whenever she wanted. Well January 19th Bri took Harley for the night and would not return him to my sister the next day.

Also, Bri and her boyfriend have tried to bribe my sister with money, to have Harley. When Harley’s case still did not go to trial. That Saturday, Bri went to griffin pond and apparently gained custody of the dog.

We have called the Wilkes Barre police, Lisa Lowry, the Lackawanna County Humane Officer, and Griffin Pond for answers, and finally have heard back as to the placement of Harley, and he was placed with Bri. They didn’t give my sister a reason why.

She called me in tears. I called and Chelsea did not seem to care about what I had to say & said , herself , the humane officer and 2 board members made the decision.

Harley lived in a family home, with a big fenced in backyard and had plenty of love and affection, and was never left alone.

Now Harley is stuck in a college apartment, where animals are not allowed.. and is home for several hours a day while Bri is in class and at work. He has no backyard to play in , no fenced in area and is living on a main road. This is not where a dog should be living. Not to mention this girl already had a dog last year at college and had to get rid of him because he bit a student at a beer party.

Please, all we want is to have Harley back at home. My sister has never put Harley in danger, and we just would like him home. If you can share this, we would really appreciate.

If you would like to let them know how you feel about the situation please contact griffin pond at 5705863700 and ask to speak to Chelsea the adoption counselor, Lisa Lowry the humane officer or board member Sandy Fofi ( it was apparently in Sandy’s hands since last Thursday).

Here is to hoping social media might make them make the right decision on Harley’s placement, because we have done everything we could to get an answer from them and they still have not give us an actual reason as to why they placed him with Bri. They didn’t seem to have any issues with Alexis having him for four months and paying for everything. She apparently broke the “rule” of letting someone else watch him. None of these rules were brought to attention when GP was passing these dogs out like candy the night they were seized from their original owner.

Feel free to share - griffin pond does not care about the overall well being of their animals.

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