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Bring my best friend home!

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Today marks 103 days since Zane was re-homed without me knowing. In those 103 days I've traveled over 1,350 miles, spent 8 night sleeping in the car as part of a stake out and received over 16,000 shares combined on my search for Zane, all while working full time. Along the path I've come across lies and dishonesty spread to make my job near enough impossible to find my best friend but all those points above, what type of person do you think I am? Do you think I am this animal abuser that some people have said about me or do you think I'm someone who loves him too much to let him go? Check my photos, how happy do we look? I've made some decisions that will haunt me for the rest of my days but i'd do it all again in a heartbeat, especially if it's to find your missing best friend, your child and the person you promised you'd never give up on? Day 97 came, the day that I found Zane. I drove 5 hours to make sure it was him. I knocked the door and began to cry as I could hear him barking from within the house, I knew it was him. The person answered the door and I tried to explain what had happened, the person cried too, the person even let me give him a hug for which he went mental. The person eventually refused to give him back and threatened me with police action, the rehoming centre did too. Originally I was in contact with "Greyhound Rescue West Of England" via a third party to try and explain what had happened, GRWE would not speak to me directly. Emily conversed with the rehoming manager and they decided not to take it any further, they didn't even let his new family know I was looking for him however they did say that if Zane came back into their care then he would be returned to me . After I apparently "harassed" these people GRWE then said that because of my actions, even if the new family gave him back, GRWE would not allow me to have him back, a company that apparently works for the well-being of animals over humans. So once again, I come to you for help. Below is a petition for GRWE to allow me the right to have my dog back if/when he comes back into their care. We had over 16,000 shares on Zanes post, I think we can beat that on signatures! Do something amazing today, it only takes 2 seconds!

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