Make lawn care workers essential!

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As many of you know our industry in the state of Michigan has been labeled “non essential”. This is the time of the year that fertilizer companies start applications. Mulch gets installed, dead grass gets raked up. For many this is a big spring clean up period. As a lawn care professional we ride around yards by ourselves on mowers or sprayers. Before this virus most of us wore masks and gloves already. If you look up social distancing in the dictionary you will see a photo of a lawn care professional. By forcing us to stay home the governor is adding thousands more people to the unemployed list who could very easily still be working. Other states have governors who labeled lawn care as essential. In the state of Michigan if we get “caught” we are in jeopardy of losing our business license for over a year and a $500-$1000 fine. Like we have stated many times to our state representatives, we work in yards.........we do not interact with people.......we need this time of the season to prepare ourselves for the rest of the season. If you think lawn care companies should fall under the essential list, please sign and support your local lawn care company. Let’s make our voice heard.