Deforestation and extinction of plant and animal species.

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We know that the environment must be preserved, this fact can lead to a great global collapse in the future, affecting all our future generations, eliminating the fauna and flora of various places in the world.

In the future we will not have water with the minimum quality for consumption, fresh water will increasingly run out, the world temperature will rise dramatically, glaciers will thaw causing floods, animals and plants will rise and the human population will increase more and more and agriculture will become increasingly dependent on outsourced modes.

Companies should become aware, use modes that preserve the environment, should support these causes, especially multinational companies that have great market power. Artists and companies must together create campaigns, encourage people, invest in environmental reconstruction projects, should criticize burnings and exploitations that are done in illegal ways and without any respect. Broadcasters must show the truth, present more news of how the world is getting over time, with the "expansion" of the world, we must raise people's awareness, making a better world for all of us.