Nick Greiner must front the WestConnex Inquiry

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In 2011, Liberal Premier Barry O'Farrell appointed another former Liberal Premier, Nick Greiner as the head of Infrastructure NSW, tasked with prioritising major projects. Soon after, Greiner announced the WestConnex toll road as the state's top priority transport project.

Normally, planning for Sydney's transport needs is done by Transport for NSW. But Greiner pushed aside the transport experts who recommended rail, not toll roads. To this date, not a single independent transport expert has supported WestConnex and its cost has blown out from $10B to $17B. It appears that Greiner subverted the process to benefit toll road operator Transurban, where he is an advisor.

Nick Greiner must be called before the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into WestConnex to answer questions about his involvement in pushing this massive corporate scam on the people of NSW.