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Help Gunner not be labeled a dangerous dog !

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My boyfriend & I were out of town & left our dogs with our dog sitter, our sitter chained one up outside & went to go get a bowl of water for him & thought the other one was inside with her but he had went outside by himself. Our neighbor was walking from his pool while carrying a pool floatie which freighted Gunner, gunner proceeded to nip the neighbor in the butt & run back to the house. In the police report the neighbor wrote "unprovoked attack, dog is pitbull." Gunner was quarantined in our house for 10 days. Someone was supposed to show up to our house to do an aggression test and never did, we had court on day 10 of Gunners quarantine which court is supposed to be no later than 5 days after the incident, the judge ruled that gunner is to be removed from our home & put in the shelter for 10 days. Our neighbor has yet to show proof of bite via doctors note or photos, & was the only one to witness the incident. The judge told me I needed to get an attorney & would not be given one for free. We have an upcoming court date to determine whether gunner is to be labeled a "dangerous dog" & possibly taken from our home. Please sign this petition in hopes to stop that from happening. Gunner is like a child to us, he's amazing with our 6 month old daughter, he loves children of all ages, he's the biggest baby around, & has never shown any signs of aggression before. 

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