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Increase Laws on Exotic Pet Ownership

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Hello Everyone,

I am creating this petition to hopefully initiate change in the state of Idaho. The current law I am trying to change is about the guidelines on exotic pet ownership. Many exotic animals are being taken from their homes and being sold in the United States, Idaho included. Luckily, there are states that have strict laws and do not allow any ownership of exotic animals at all. Idaho is a state that allows ownership of exotic pets, such as monkey species and big cats, as long as the person gets approval by permit. By taking these non-domesticated animals out of their natural habitat, both the animal and human are in danger. These animals bring diseases into households and become aggressive as they grow into adults. These animals are being harmed in the process of being brought over from their natural habitats, as well. If this petition is noticed by the Idaho state government, we may be able to  make the law more strict, therefore preventing the exotic wildlife trade to keep doing business in one more state. There are already 19 states that have a full ban on all ownership of these animals and I hope you will help Idaho be the 20th state.

Thank you,

Annie Ng

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