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Gregor Robertson, Mayor of Vancouver and Vision Vancouver: SAVE KITS BEACH, TAKE A STAND!Tearing up "Family Park" green space for 12' wide asphalt bike lane

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We support bike lanes, however when our citizens agree and there are better, more economical alternatives.... It's time to take a STAND!

Thousands of Kits Beach users, neighbors and Kits Beach icons stand firm and cannot sit idly by on this contentious issue:

We  are  not  activists,  nor  politically  minded,  we  simply  care  about  our  beach  and  community  and proper democratic process.

The city’s increased risk / liability in their APPROVED bike route is a vital point:
We definitely can point out the hazards of the current proposal and encourage deeper thought on options and/or mitigation measures.

We are asking our elected civic officials to properly respect our intimate knowledge and deep attachment to this Beach / public park and help us / our community understand why they are proposing the current plan that seems so fraught with danger and practicality ?

We also suggest a more economical and practical alternative solutions to the existing plan that all key stakeholders agree are viable alternative bike paths.

Our key messages:

1.  Unconscionable  and  totally  unnecessary  destruction  of  green  space  for  the  wannabe ‘greenest city on earth’

2.  Doesn’t  address extremely concerning  safety  issues – serious  new  safety/ liability  hazards  to park users who are all pedestrians.

3.  Improper  ‘due  process’ – total  lack  of  engagement,  advisement,  consultation,  public  signage, public meetings, with all key stakeholders. Their (370 person) ‘ survey’ was skewed and not reflective at all of our community or the will of the citizens.  There has been an unparalleled rush to construction....

4.  The overwhelming majority of our community are in complete opposition to this plan and they are prepared to take firm measures. (With respect: Rosa Parks simply refused to move).

5.  BC Cycling Association leader agrees with and supports an alternative adjacent nearby road route in principle.

6.  One additional (KPRA) issue of contention: The official Covenant on Hadden Park. (The city has already destroyed so much of the Hadden family donation, so this paved bike route right through their donation is adding insult to injury).

7.  Please see / list the annexed list of representatives and their iconic Kits Beach – related organizations that are unified in protecting Kits Beach green and picnic, recreational space that stand firm with these tenets.

Thank you

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