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Have 2K Sports Make a Hockey Game

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     EA Sports has gone largely unopposed in the creation of hockey video games. Starting in 1991, EA Sports has been the main producer of NHL video games. For some time, that was okay. EA aimed to create a great game that people enjoyed and to improve upon themselves year after year. This is not to say that EA was without opposition the whole time. 2K Sports did create a NHL game from 2005 to 2010 which caused some competition between the two companies. 

     The competition between EA and 2K caused growth. EA sports has been the sole producer of all NHL-based video games since 2011.  I know many people who would say NHL 2011-2015 were some of the best hockey games ever created. However, this lack of competition since 2K stopped in 2010 has caused some complacency. The most recent edition of the NHL franchise has been noted by various video game review sites, as well as a majority of the community, as the same game as the previous version with some slight changes. It seems as though the NHL franchise has been put on the back-burner by EA. A quick internet search will show several poor reviews from well noted video game review sites. To quote the headline of the IGN review of NHL 18, "This year's EA hockey game adds a couple of new features but coasts the rest of the way." ( 

     I am not alone in this. Much of the Reddit community /r/NHLHUT, seems to feel the same way. Reddit user /u/sumthinbruin posted his frustrations on the page.  ( )  At the time of posting this petition, it already has 200 up-votes in its 6 hour existence. There are many problems with this game that has caused a loss of interest in the community and an unfair advantage to those lucky few who happen to earn points through glitches. People spend real money on this game, and not just for the disc, but for micro transactions (in-game purchases) in order to try to get an advantage. I personally know several people who have spent hundreds of dollars playing this game, only to have a glitch give someone who just happened to be at the right place at the right time, more of an advantage than the person who spent hundreds of dollars. 

     We as a NHL community deserve better than this. EA's actions have led us to believe that they are not interested in the excellence of their game, but rather the amount of money they will make from us. We want to see not just competition, but a change in the way we play hockey. We believe that 2K Sports has the ability to turn the tables on EA and blow us away with an all-star hockey game.

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