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Stop Australian Eating Disorder Deaths. On average 5 per day,35 per week 1829 per year

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Stop Australian Eating Disorder Deaths! On average 5 per day, 35 per week 1829 per year!! That’s 50% more than the national road toll!!

Eating disorders continue to kill our loved ones; kill them at a rate higher than any other mental illness, and at a rate higher than road accidents/crashes. The annual death toll from Eating Disorders in Australia in 2012 was 1829 and that means 5 per day, 35 per week, which is 50% greater than Australia’s road toll. In 2012 the total socioeconomic cost to Australia associated with Eating Disorders was $69.7 billion; source Butterfly Foundation Paying The Price report. Suicide rates in Anorexia Nervosa are at least 8 times the general mental illness population suicide rate and can be as high as 32 times the standard population rate. Extreme tragedy for 5 families every day in Australia.  A tragedy that is entirely avoidable because Eating Disorders can be treated and cured. No one needs to die…. NO ONE NEEDS TO DIE!!

Australia’s Federal Minister for Health, the Honourable Greg Hunt is to be congratulated for putting Eating Disorders on the Australian National Health Agenda. He has ensured that the budget includes money for Eating Disorders. He is asking the Medicare Benefits Schedule Review task force to consider providing more benefits for mental health & in particular for Eating Disorders. He is committing the Federal Government to actions to change the narrative & experience for those experiencing an Eating Disorder and the narrative & experience for their loved ones!! Minister Greg Hunt recognises that for every $1.00 spent on early identification and urgent intense interventions for treatment will save avoidable loss of life and return a cost saving benefit of $5.38 when compared to treatment for those with severe and enduring Eating Disorder illness; source Butterfly Foundation Investing In Need report. This minister understands Eating Disorders!! Here is where he declares that commitment, in a one take, no rehearsal, genuine & committed piece to video to open the “Connecting The Dots” conference in Perth Western Australia on 19th May, 2017 .

Minister Greg Hunt and the Federal Government have no direct control over how Australian Public Hospitals treat Eating Disorder patients or how the State Health and Mental Health Ministers manage & fund Eating Disorder patients and the treatments offered. Many public hospitals have no Eating Disorder beds or treatments at all. Only a very few public hospitals have Eating Disorder programs, and hospital emergency departments generally do not know adequately how to triage & treat those who present to them in need of urgent critical care. Too often, the emergency departments mishandle the person and just send them away with a simple referral to their GP, psychologist or psychiatrist, yet they are often in such a serious physical medical condition they could suddenly die or are so mentally affected that they are contemplating or attempting suicide. The two biggest killers of those with Anorexia Nervosa are heart attack & suicide.

The World’s & Australia’s best Eating Disorder scientists, researchers and clinicians all agree & have the evidence to prove that Eating Disorders are scientifically proven to be a biological brain illness. Present to any Australian hospital or emergency with a well-known brain injury and/or illness/disease and you can have well trained doctors/nurses & others to treat and care for you. Unfortunately, if you are in the youth, young adult & adult age groups and present with an “Eating Disorder” you are unlikely to get seen by an Eating Disorder experienced person or team. The most likely & typical narrative & experience is that you will be seen by those with no Eating Disorder training, experience, skill or knowledge.

This petition demands that all Australian State & Territory Health & Mental Health Ministers follow the lead and example set by the Federal Government & the Honourable Greg Hunt, Federal Minister for Health.

State and Territory Governments, Premiers, Health & Mental Health Ministers must urgently fund and provide evidence based step up, step down Eating Disorder services across the board for all age groups, especially for the youth, young adult & adult cohorts.

Where they exist enhance them. Where they don’t exist provide them.

Early identification and intervention services. Hospital and community supported day programs, Hospital and community supported Outpatient Services, Hospital provided and supported Inpatient Services

Hospital & community supported relapse prevention programs and services

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