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Our health counts: End deadly disability discrimination

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Hello my name is Shu and I need to talk to you about a serious issue - death.

I need to talk to you about death because we have a big problem in Australia.

Too many people with intellectual disability are dying from preventable causes.

And too many are dying too young.

Did you know that up to half the deaths of people with intellectual disability may be from preventable causes?

That ’s three times higher than the general population.

And people with intellectual disability are dying 27 years earlier than the general population.

This issue is urgent.

Across Australia people with intellectual disability are dying and we are not doing enough to fix this problem.

  1. We need leadership on this issue from the Government of Australia. 
  2. We want new and current doctors and nurses to get a lot more help and training on how to work with people who have an intellectual disability. That means putting much more intellectual disability training into university medical and nursing courses.
  3. We need to fund at least 90 intellectual disability health workers around Australia to train and support GPs and other health workers to provide good health care to people with intellectual disability.
  4. And we want a national inquiry to find out why the health system is failing us.

Council for Intellectual Disability with Inclusion Australia and friends need your help to persuade the Australian Government to take the health of people with intellectual disability seriously.

Find out more on Our Health Counts the campaign.

Please sign this petition to send to the Minister for Health, Hon Greg Hunt, and the Shadow Minister for Health and Medicare, Hon Catherine King.

Our health counts.

Can we count on you?

Thank you,

Shu Hua Chan

Chair Council for Intellectual Disability.