Greg Hunt, MP: Please review the criteria for use of Avastin in Ovarian Cancer on the PBS

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Ovarian cancer has the lowest survival rate of any women’s cancer; only 44% of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer will be alive five years after diagnosis. In Australia, it is estimated that more than 1600 women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2018. In that same period, more than 1000 Australian women will die from ovarian cancer. Currently, there is no test to screen for ovarian cancer, and very few treatment options are available. 

Many oncologists recommend that patients with ovarian cancer commence treatment on a drug called Avastin, developed by Roche Pharmaceuticals. Avastin has been shown in clinical trials to slow down the growth of new tumours, leading to a better quality of life, and more cancer-free time for women with ovarian cancer. Avastin is regarded as one of the few breakthroughs in ovarian cancer treatment in the past thirty years. 

Depending on a patient’s body weight, the cost of Avastin works out at approximately $2,500 per dose, and whilst currently subsidised on the PBS for a narrow group of patients*, this life-changing treatment remains firmly out of reach for many other Australian women suffering from this devastating disease. 

This must change. Please sign this petition to support wider access to Avastin for sufferers of Ovarian Cancer. 


*Avastin is currently subsidised on the PBS for women newly-diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer, or those with the BRCA gene mutation diagnosed at Stage 3.