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Greg Hunt: End Greyhound Racing in all of Australia Now

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As a nation we need to come together to stop the cruel & corrupt gambling  focused industry of Greyhound Racing. While it is no longer permitted in most  countries worldwide, we are lagging behind.  We are one of only 8 countries left with legitimate racing industies

This must end now. The industry can no longer be trusted with the welfare of these gentle animals. Live baiting has bern exposed & trainers are still ignoring the rules. Innocent animals are killed just to teach them to chase. Those that refuse the bait are killed themselves just because they dont have the killer mentality of their owners. 

NSW buckled under the pressure excerted by this shameful industry, making it obvious that we need a countrywide ban to come from the top. 

In a recent case a trainer was penalized a mere 18month break for forcing their dog to ingest cocaine! This is embarrassing in light of Cassie Sainsbury's arrest in Colombia for smuggling this same drug. 

These timid animals like to run, not race. Their energy is short lasting.  I know this because i own one of these "couch potatoes", a former racing greyhound. She was one of the lucky ones who has lived past her 5th birthday. This can't be said for most of the greyhounds born in Australia. They live a deprived lonely life in barren pens, only getting out to be trained or transported to & from the racetrack. Once finished with them they can even find themselves exported overseas to dogmeat consuming countries who put them on dinnerplates in restuarants. Others are bled dry to their last heartbeat then euthanized. Their blood is then being used for transfusions in vet clinics. 

They deserve better. To play, to be cuddled & snuggled & be part of the family like other pet dogs do. They are fantastic with children. They just want to be loved, not used, abused & finally disgarded like trash in skips out the back of vet clinics. 

Gambling can lead to broken homes. If people must do so let them bet on people races where the parucipants could volunteer themselves to the rigours involved. 

Industry people say a ban would lead to the end of the breed of dog. I don't believe this is true.  They are an ancient breed of dog with evidence of their existance dating back to Egyptian paintings long ago. This is just an excuse that cannot be allowed or believed. 

Help needs to be given to those involved in the industry to find other reputable ways of earning their living without harming animals. 





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