current Advanced Breast Cancer Patients need Equal PBS access to Kisqali.

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I am asking your support to have an important new drug subsidised to women who are living with metastatic breast cancer and who have had previous cancer treatment for their metastases and who are currently not eligible to the drug Kisqali  through the PBS scheme however, newly diagnosed women and those whose breast cancer has recently spread therefore this will be their first line for treatment. as a woman living with advanced breast cancer, this is an issue close to my heart and I am sure many other people as well. Kisqali belongs to a drew class of drug called CDK 46 inhibitors. This drug has been shown to be effective for over 24 months when combined with an endocrine drug (compared to endocrine drug alone which is only effective on average for 12 months approximately). They are taken as a tablet form and they do not cause common cancer treatment side effects such as hair loss and nausea so people using them have a good quality of life. 

Currently, this drug is subsidised to newly diagnosed breast cancer patients and also to patients whose breast cancer has only recently spread making it their first line of treatment... but others like me who have been battling metastatic breast cancer for years and who have been on endocrine treatment previously, we are NOT entitled to this drug under the PBS Scheme, the cost to purchase them is around $5000 per month - well out of reach of most Australian families, including mine. 

I would like to see EQUAL access to this drug under the PBS scheme as we feel like we are swept under the carpet and forgotten. 

I have 2 choices at the moment. I start a GO Fund Me Page and hope that this covers the costs of the drug each month or I go without expecting to live a shorter life. 

I know that I am speaking for many others as well. 

Thank You.