ADA compliant sidewalks in disenfranchised, low income, non-white areas of Kokomo, IN.

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The sidewalks in the low-income, non-white neighborhoods of Kokomo, IN have deteriorated to the point they are a public health safety hazard. In affluent, mainly white areas the sidewalks are safe and ADA compliant. 

It's important to note that there is institutionalized racial and economic discrimination going on. Most of these unsafe sidewalks are in low income, non-white areas.

County tax dollars do not pay to fix sidewalks in Kokomo, IN. Because a majority of the homeowners who suffer the unsafe sidewalks cannot afford to pay what the city/county requires to fix them, I ask you to please sign this petition to make government act like government and use tax dollars to attend to public health--as that is the main function of government.  

More so, to allow the weakest and most vulnerable among us the same luxuries we all enjoy--being able to walk down the street/sidewalk without the fear of dying, something we like to call equality or stopping the discrimination.

Most of the sidewalks within a 20 block radius of the Pettit Park neighborhood, specifically, a family centered, multicultural, low-income, historic district, houses a popular elementary school and a decade old free food pantry that serves hundreds every Tuesday, many of whom are disabled and elderly. The issue on W Monroe, specifically, becomes an ADA issue because of the decade long food pantry at 614 that serves disabled and elderly.  

I am also asking you to sign this to ask the ADA to uphold the standard by which is set and to act on this gross misappropriation of power, immediately. 

The current solution listed on the Kokomo city website reaches outside the cultural context which is meant to serve. It assumes all poor people including disabled have tax returns and have the ability to do all the paper work and get the quotes. This is simply a bureaucratic move to slow or hide how tax dollars are spent. If this system worked these sidewalks would have been fixed a long time ago. 

Once this petition reaches 1000+ I will present it along with other documentation with the hopes of compliance, immediately, to the Kokomo City Council.  

The community thanks you for your support, 

Chris Wendt