Stop Easylife Group ripping off elderly & vulnerable, get BBC Watchdog involved.

Stop Easylife Group ripping off elderly & vulnerable, get BBC Watchdog involved.

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The UK elderly and vulnerable are being ripped off by a company established in 1992 called Easylife - how can you help?

The malpractices & shoddy business model of a company called Easylife need to be investigated by BBC Watchdog.  Easylife need to be brought to account for taking monies for goods they rarely supply (or supplying goods of a poor value), which is causing endless misery, distress and upset to their mainly elderly customer base!  So, please sign this petition

Many of you will have come across the Easylife catalogue as a supplement in a newspaper.  My advice (until such point Easylife can assure the UK public 100% their business model has drastically improved & changed) is to discard the Easylife catalogue and tell all your family, friends & neighbours to do the same; especially those that are elderly. 
Unfortunately, Easylife malpractices have been going on for a while The Easylife Group in London has had several complaints about misleading ads upheld by the Adertising Standards Authorty dating back to 2013.

By signing this petition, the UK public will encourage the BBC Watchdog to expose Easylife’s underhand practices of taking payment for goods that are inadequate or not supplied - which they’re currently getting away with - as they ignore customer complaints & issues they receive.  Feel free to google Easylife & Greg Caplan and look at social media platforms that talk about Easylife & Easylife Group.

If this petition means the UK public win the support of BBC Watchdog and they investigate Easylife then great - if BBC Watchdog don’t get involved - the UK public and our elderly community still win, as hopefully the petition publicity on social media, TV and in the press, will force Easylife to address all their complaints & issues.  As they realise all the customers they’ve ripped off have united as one strong voice pushing EASYLIFE to be accountable for their actions. 

If the UK public signing this petition results in Easylife being discussed in the media, then all well & good.  As hopefully raising awareness in newspapers and on breakfast shows of Easylife’s current malpractices, will mean thousands of our Elderly do not succumb to parting with their hard owned money for goods they’ll not receive.

Only Easylife  can change their failing business model and by being outed in the press, TV & on social media platforms, they’ll be forced to do just that or go under.  This petition should mean existing customers have their issues/complaints addressed and any new customers will think twice about ordering, until such point Easylife can prove to the UK public they’re a reputable company to do business with

If BBC Watchdog support our petition, their exposure should mean Easylife’s CEO Greg Caplan will have to publicly answer why he has allowed the Company’s malpractices to continue, without pointing the finger of blame at Covid, as Easylife had issues way before this pandemic started.

As the CEO, Greg needs to explain what remedial action will be taken to address all Easylife’s outstanding complaints, as well as providing written evidence of an action plan Easylife will implement to ensure they have an ethical customer service model; supported by the selling of quality products, robust systems, operating processes, policies and procedures to ensure that trained & competent employees deliver a great customer experience.  As part of Easylife’s investigations into their own failings, they need to look at their supply chain, so Hermes & Easylife work in partnership and remove current inadequate practices whereby each blame the other for non delivery of goods, whilst a paying customer suffers, as they’re passed from pillow to post.

I raising this petition as Easylife have caused my 87 year old father-in-law a great amount of undue stress, pressure & unnecessary worry, at a time in the world that a man of his years needed no additional worries, due to the whole situation with Convid 19 and him being isolated due to being in the high risk group.

To date Easylife have failed to deliver the products he ordered - but worse than that - when he finally got through to them on the phone (bless him a 87 year old man tried many, many, many times & days to contact Easylife by phone), to enquire where his order was, they fobbed him off by telling him to contact their supply chain delivery partner Hermes!!  It was explained to Easylife that their business model and the utilisation of any delivery company is of no concern to a 87 year old man.  And Easylife have been politely reminded at no one point did my father-in-law enter into any form of contract with Hermes, his contract was with Easylife to supply goods. Which to be very clear they have failed to do, despite happily taking his money!!

Despite 1 written letter of complaint, 4 phone calls, 12 emails, numerous tweets & Facebook post my father-in-law still hasn’t received products ordered 4 months ago, nor has he had a refund.  He’s not alone, many elderly people have suffered the same fate as the hands of Easylife, it’s time they were stopped.  We need to force action as a nation so PLEASE SIGN 

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