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Make Local Enterprise Partnerships accountable to the public

Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) were given £3.9 billion of public money by central government to spend on local growth schemes between 2011 and 2015. (National Audit officer report December 2013)

 In addition they have been given the responsibility of distributing £5.3 billion of European Funding between 2014 and 2020. (House of Commons standard note March 2015)

 LEPs can refuse to allow the public to attend their meetings and do not have to publish agendas or minutes of their meetings. Local and County Councillors in Oxfordshire have been denied access to agendas and meetings and refused minutes until after they have been approved by the next meeting of the LEP – when it is too late to do anything about the decisions which have been made.

 Members of LEPs do not have to declare an interest in items being discussed even though many of them are local business people whose businesses could benefit from the funding allocations made by the LEP.

 The Nolan principles of public life should be applied to all bodies which allocate public money these principles are openness, transparency, integrity, accountability, objectivity, honesty and leadership. LEPs are clearly in breach of at least some of these principles – because they don’t consider themselves bound by them.

This petition asks Greg Clark MP, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local government to apply the Nolan principles to LEPs.


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  • Greg Clark MP, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local government

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