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Ban illegally-fracked US Gas (LNG) from the UK

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BREAKING NEWS: EPL, the owners of the DAPL are suing Greenpeace and others for 'ecoterrorism'. The people who employed TigerSwan to terrorise the peace camp, are now SUING the Water Protectors for delaying the pipeline which the courts have already declared was installed illegally.  It's monstrous, and the UK should not be a party to it by buying in DAPL products.

The US Government broke faith and treaties with the Native Americans of Alaska, and many of the tribes of the Western plains, notably the Lakota Sioux of Standing Rock to allow the gas to be fracked and to transport it through the DAPL pipeline.

By permitting the import of Liquid Natural Gas from the DAPL pipeline, the UK government and British Gas make both themselves and UK gas consumers complicit in the wrongful seizure of Native American Treaty lands by illegal eminent domain, the brutality perpetrated against the Water Protectors by US Police and DAPL's hired mercenaries, TigerSwan (who also never had a licence to operate at Standing Rock) and in the kidnap and murder of over a thousand Native women (during pipeline construction) in America and Canada 

This gas is tainted, and not more fit for British consumers than conflict diamonds.  Please, therefore, ban its import immediately.

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