Support my children’s custody case being reheard in another county besides Polk County

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My name is Balie Humble, and I’m the proud mother to identical twin girls and my handsome son. I have been the primary caregiver to these babies for all of their lives. Thanks to a crooked and corrupt county I have now lost my custody to these sweet angels without any reasoning or cause. The twins are only four and my son two. Their father manipulated and abused the system. My children were taken from me because of who my ex knew in the judicial system and our town. I was never proven to be ill fit or undeserving of my children. I don’t drink, smoke, abuse drugs, nor am I a criminal. I have a beautiful house, loving fiancé, great job in tow as well does he. I’m currently getting ready for college for the fall semester, and had my babies enrolling in montessori school for this upcoming year. I had handled all of their insurance and medical needs. One of my twins has serious medical issues which her father has ignored and made her miss important appointments/procedures. While I was still with the kid’s father I suffered emotional and physical abuse while pregnant which many of the instances the police were called and he was charged. He wasn’t even suppose to be named a joint conservator due to his history of family abuse. I could type for days to let you know every corrupt and malpractice issue that has occurred to me at the hands of this man and county. The pain and suffering my family and I have endured is unreal. Please help and support me as I try to get my babies back home! If you would like to take the time to read every corrupt issue, series of events that have lead up to this, and show why this should have never happened in more depth come like my Facebook page! I will include the link! Any and all support is greatly appreciated as well as any prayers or good vibes sent our way! Please sign our petition! God bless you all! STAND BY ME!