Stop killing animals in shelters

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28 dogs killed in 5 days in San Antonio ACS. That is not including cats! This is just a portion of all the killings in Texas shelters. Years of slaughtered animals have taken place in these shelters. Now it's worse than ever. It has gotten out of control. San Antonio TX needs to be no-kill, or at least pts only dogs and cats that obviously can't survive without tremendous amount of suffering.

They say shelters are full but we have rescues and fosters who are willing to house animals until adopted. When my rescue was full I still found a way to keep animals safe until they were adopted and they were able to go to other rescues and fosters.

If small rescues can keep dogs and cats alive, Texas shelters can also because they know more people and have better access to more rescues and fosters. 

We demand No-Kill unless there is absolutely nothing that can be done to keep the animals from tremendous pain and suffering.