Save Billy Wardlow!

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Billy Wardlow, at this moment, has sat for up to 23 hours a day alone in a 6 x 8-foot cell with virtually no human contact or exposure to natural light and has been for 25 years. He is condemned to death on Texas Death Row awaiting his execution date which is scheduled for July 8th 2020. 

Billy has done the right thing and admitted his wrongdoing the night the crime was committed but should he be put to death? Absolutely NOT! Were you the same person you are today, a quarter of a century ago? Have you matured, grown and changed for the better? Billy has!

There are so many mitigating factors as to why Billy should not only be out already but never be put to death in the name of justice! He was overly prosecuted and the wrongs that the state has made against him need to come to light so his sentence can be finally commuted and real justice served. 

Under Texas law, if there is enough mitigating evidence at any time to warrant a life sentence without parole, that’s the sentence is supposed to be given. This has not happened in Billy's case. At the trial, a chance of a life sentence was stolen from him due to many mistaken assumptions as well as false testimony.

We are here to ask that you become a voice for Billy. Help save his life! Please sign this petition to ask Governor Greg Abbott, Texas Board of Parole and Pardons as well as the Supreme Court of The United States, to carefully consider looking at Billy's case and resentencing him fairly. Do what is right by showing mercy by giving him his chance at LIFE.

To learn more about Billy's case please take a look at this wonderful article by The American Scholar.

We, the undersigned, believe that Billy Wardlow's death warrant should be rescinded, that he be granted a new sentencing trial where the mitigating factors are openly looked at with unbiased eyes, and that the execution of Billy Wardlow not go forward under any circumstances.