Limit background checks on housing

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In Texas nearly every apartment complex, mobile home community, and property management company subjects applicants to a lifelong background check that disqualifies most felons from attaining any form of housing, even if they have been a productive member of society for several years. I personally am a convicted felon who hasn’t had a felony conviction in nearly thirteen years ,and It is an arduous endeavor to find any place to call my own due to these extremely unreasonable background checks ,and I am aiming to make a change. If I can apply for and attain a job that is only allowed to go back seven years  on my background check, why should housing authorities be able to check back grounds further back then my employer? Something has to change, and I feel as though as long as a person is able to provide the necessary income and credit score ,then their past mistakes should not be held against them any longer than two years for their debt to society has already been paid.So my proposal is to limit background checks to two years maximum for all housing authorities , apartment complexes ,and mobile/trailer home communities. 

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