Prosecution of BLACK BULL TOWING -Victor Huhem Law Firm & Indefinite Suspension of License

Prosecution of BLACK BULL TOWING -Victor Huhem Law Firm & Indefinite Suspension of License

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Joe O started this petition to Governor of Texas Greg Abbott and

Black Bull Towing is a towing company that has been towing illegally for years and getting away with it. Instances of people being towed while in their car have a occurred. 
Black Bull Towing has illegally been towing cars from apartments (especially) and then up charging people for the removal of their personal cars.


Individuals cars have been towed without reasoning, including parking backwards in a spot, to name a few. 
Many investigations have started, even some done by News outlets (cbs, fox4). Local news articles have been posted (Dallas Observer) regarding this fraudulent company.

Black Bull Towing is owned by - Aaron Huhem which is listed as the owner on Texas Entity Search. The brother to Aaron is - Victor Huhem which owns Huhem Law Firm and is the registered agent. Victor Huhems law expertise specializes in apartments/landlord dealings.

After further investigation, Aaron Huhem which seems not to even live in the USA, but in Israel, which would only mean  Victor Huhem and Huhem Law running the show. 
By what we gathered Victor Huhem uses his brother as a ploy to dismiss dealings of the actions of Black Bull Towing.
            Black Bull towing was suspended for towing because of the illegal activities but was granted its license, after only paying 8000 of a 65000 penalty. Unfair isn't it. 
Victor Huhem and Huhem Law have had to come in front of the judge multiple times but do to his relationship with the court system a slap on the wrist is given and Black Bull Towing is back to the illegal ways.

Class Action Lawsuit against Black Bull Towing and Huhem Law Firm is already in the works!


            Black Bull Towing towed me for parking in a handicap spot. I'm a disabled person. A car hit me 2 years ago, that fractured my back in multiple areas, it's been a rather a painful road since then, haven't been pain free since then and then these people can make your situation worst and live their lives normal.

The person who called the tow admitted he didn't see the handicap pass.
We called the police officers to file a report because initially we thought our car was stolen. But after the arrival to storage facility the cops were called again and walked with is through the storage facility at which it was determined that yes, the handicap pass was displayed in the correct manner and was in plain sight. Video and pictures were taken by us and the police.

The car which is extremely modified sustained damages amounting to over - $10,000.00. After paying to get the car looked at twice and getting 2 estimates as requested by Black Bull. 
Estimates we're submitted and multiple emails sent to ( to see how long the process was. These people don't even have a number for their claims department. Hmmmm.

An email comes back that says - contact our Law Firm from here, that’s literally it

1.Black Bull never provided an official claim number for said claim and confirmation number of received claim

2.Black Bull never denied said claim.

3.Black Bull never provided reason why claim was denied.

4.Black Bull never provided insurance carrier.

5.Black Bull never provided photos of the car prior to towing,

            This company damages your car and the Huhem Law Firm owned By Victor Huhem which we believe is the real owner protects the company.
They don't provide information about how their claims work to keep for paying for cars, they use hire a lawyer as ways to stop victims from perusing because of the cost of retaining an attorney. 

            They don't provide information to anything so if it does go to court the penalty may not be too high.

This is a fraudulent company being run in fraudulent ways and being protected by Huhem Law which I'm sure has more direct ties.
We the people of Dallas/Ft Worth want a formal state investigation into Black Bull Towing and Huhem Law Firm by the State of Texas and Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation and all other parties involved to bring this illegal business to a complete stop and indefinite suspension of license.

How can we live in a city that allows people to tows are cars for absolutely no reason and let them operate from day to day? Let's join hands as local citizen and citizen afar and bring this company to an end.

We as citizen shouldn't feel that when we walk into a place, our cars can literally be stolen from us without reason and no punishment to the parties involved arises. Let's make a change. Please sign. Next person could be your grandparent, parents, or child. Act now. Stop illegal towing. Stop Black Bull Towing.

Look on articles written about Black Bull Towing below and court documents. Please.

Thanks, and God Bless!




0 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!
At 7,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!