Demand That Governor Greg Abbott Close In-Person Schools

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Texas is experiencing a wildly dangerous surge in Covid-19 cases, very likely in part as a result of reopening schools.  The daily infection rate has reached 23,000 new cases, many counties have implemented stage 5 Covid restrictions, and almost 30,000 Texans have died of Covid-19 in the last 10 months.  Our hospitals are nearing or at capacity and doctors are having to make the difficult decision of who to give life saving treatments to. Yet for some insane reason, Greg Abbott and the TEA want to keep schools open in-person.  While some parents have a choice to keep students in remote learning, teachers, nurses, custodians, and admin do not have that option.  This is a dangerous and irresponsible mandate and we demand that Greg Abbott and the TEA reverse this decision immediately. 

We cannot and will not experiment with the lives of our students and teachers.  If a restaurant at full capacity is not safe, then how could a classroom with no windows in a building with a population of up to 3,000 be safe? The answer is simple.  It can not be safe.  We must continue fully funded distance learning while it is too dangerous to gather in large groups.  Governor Abbott, the people of Texas will not stand by as you put our lives at risk.  Shut down in-person classes and keep them closed until you have contained the spread of this deadly virus.   Giving schools the option to stay closed is not good enough.  You must mandate that they stay closed.  

Anyone who wants to go the extra step in protecting students, faculty, and staff can also write Abbott directly here.  If you have time, sign the petition and drop him a note.

Please be kind, honest, and specific.  Thank you for your support! 

                   -Texas Teachers United Against Reopening Schools