Defer Excise Tax Payments and Increase To Go Volume Limit.

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During this time of uncertainty, small independent brewers are trying to find new outlets to help compensate for lost revenue due to restaurant closures and TAP Room closures. In a matter of minutes brewers have lost as much as 90% of their sales. 

Temporarily raising the volume restriction for beer to go sales could help generate much needed income for small independent breweries. We propose raising the limit to the volume equivalent of 15.5 gallons. Doing so would help keep our current inventory moving and allow for a much needed revenue source.

I would also like to suggest that all excise taxes are deferred until 180 days after restaurant restrictions are lifted. Monthly excise tax payments can be burdensome on small family owned breweries. With the lost revenue do to mandatory restaurant closures the excise tax deferment could help small breweries keep operating.