Support the Greenwich CT Reusable Checkout Bag Ordinance

Support the Greenwich CT Reusable Checkout Bag Ordinance

September 25, 2017
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Started by BYOGreenwich

We ask you (Greenwich RTM members) to pass the Reusable Checkout Bag (RCB) ordinance. It is intended to reduce plastic and paper bag waste to protect and preserve the environment in Greenwich for the benefit and welfare of its residents by:

1.     Encouraging the use of reusable checkout bags,

2.     Prohibiting plastic checkout bags

3.     Prohibiting virgin paper checkout bags that are not 100% recyclable

4.     Introducing a retail compensation for recycled paper checkout bags.

Bag ban plus paper bag fees - has biggest bag behavior change. [1]

It is estimated that Americans go through about 100 billion plastic bags a year.   Approximately 900 million of those are handed out in the State of CT and almost 12 million of those are handed out in Greenwich CT. Plastic bag litter. While figures vary depending on the study, proportions of litter comprised of plastic bags are found to fall between 0.9 and 5 percent, these figures indicate that as much as 50 million plastic bags become litter during one year, nationwide.[2]

The Long Island Sound touches more Americans than any other estuary in our country and Greenwich is the steward of 32 miles of its coastline. 

“The World Economic Forum... warns that at least 8 million tons of plastics leak into the ocean each year, resulting in about 150 million tons of plastics pollution in the ocean today. If no action is taken, the ocean could contain as much as one ton of plastic for every three tons of fish by 2025. By 2050, the oceans would actually contain more plastics than fish.” Wall Street Journal, May 23, 2017

The adoption of reusable bags could also save taxpayer dollars related to cleanup and disposal costs.[3]

The most effective policy for change is a complete phase out of plastic bags and a small fee on single use paper bags. [4]

Greenwich is asking our Greenwich, CT RTM to vote YES on the RCB ordinance to protect our health, land, beautiful waterways and our children's future.

About BYOGreenwich:

BYOGreenwich represents students, families, pet owners, non-profits and businesses from every district of Greenwich. They have seen, read about and have personally noticed the human health, environmental and financial impact checkout bags have and want to make a positive change in and for our Town. 

We are not alone:

City by city, State by State, Country by Country are limiting, placing fees on or have banned plastic checkout bags. • More than 40 countries, including China, India, France, Italy, Ireland and Rwanda • More than 320 cities in 28 States including Washington D.C., Dallas, TX, Chicago, IL and Los Angeles, CA • Locally including Westport, CT, East Hampton, NY, Southampton, NY, Rye, NY, Larchmont, NY, Mamaroneck, NY

“There is no excuse for the rest of the world to wait.” New York Times, September 2017

+ In the Provide What We Need, the Future of Greenwich report [5] Greenwich states one of its top three goals is: "Greenwich should: Be a green leader"

+ The Reusable Checkout Bag Ordinance proposed by BYOGreenwich is one solution to fulfill the Future of Greenwich report and one solution to the commitment the Selectmen made December 2018 to be a Sustainable City in CT [6]

Thank you RTM for sending a positive message to our Town, that we do care, that we are Green leaders and that we are forward thinking.

VOTE YES to the Reusable Checkout Bag Ordinance tonight March 12th.


Please visit BYOGreenwich  for more information and FAQs

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This petition had 1,165 supporters

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