Follow the existing zoning codes for the County Square Redevelopment Project

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We will be impacted by the undefined, rushed approval, of a billion dollar project at County Square on University Ridge in the Haynie-Sirrine neighborhood, a historic African-American community. 

Greenville County is proposing a high-density 40-acre redevelopment project on the existing County Square property with two--20-story buildings, four--12-story buildings, and remaining buildings being between 4-8-stories. In order for Greenville County to proceed with their plans they are requesting from the City of Greenville to rezone their property. The existing property is within the Haynie-Sirrine Master Plan and a legally-binding zoning code that only allows for 6-story buildings. 

Zoning codes are not mere suggestions by our local government, the Haynie Sirrine zoning code applies to all 40-acres of the property. To deviate from the legally-binding zoning-code for Haynie-Sirrine neighborhood is to disrespect and dismiss zoning codes for all of Greenville's neighborhoods. This puts all citizens in a vulnerable place when our local government dismisses their own zoning laws in the wake of major development and profit. 

Greenville citizens are being ignored as county and city politics get in the way of what is in the best interest for our neighbors and our city. 

The County has stated they can redevelop the property without seeking rezoning and the neighborhood is supportive of that effort. 

We can do better and Greenville deserves better.