Help Greensboro, Guilford County & Summerfield. Stop Water/Sewer Extension. Use $ For All!

Help Greensboro, Guilford County & Summerfield. Stop Water/Sewer Extension. Use $ For All!

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The City of Greensboro, Guilford County and Summerfield are working on a plan to construct miles of water and sewer lines from Greensboro to a private developer's  1000+ acres in Summerfield.  This proposal would cost MILLIONS OF DOLLARS  to help this developer (David Couch),  a private citizen, make his land more profitable.  

This plan would be funded either by using federal COVID Relief money AND/OR by using a Greensboro or County loan/bond tying up public resources.  The millions necessary to construct water and sewer lines would NOT be fronted by the developer, but by resources from Greensboro and Guilford County.  

Greensboro, Guilford County and Summerfield residents all lose while this developer wins!  Greensboro and Guilford County citizens would face use of current funds and possible increased taxes to pay for this project and future maintenance and road/school costs associated with the development. Projects and people, such as our schools, essential workers and community programs lose money that could be devoted to them. And, miles of water and sewage lines would likely go through watershed, lakes, and/or rural areas, potentially hurting the environment.  Most Summerfield residents do not even want water and sewer and the high density development that follows. The voters matter!  Not one developer. Learn more details below about how this affects you and why this matters to all of us! 

Greensboro, Guilford County and Summerfield are discussing this controversial proposal NOW!   And they want to allocate federal COVID RELIEF money to a County-wide water expansion, instead of using it for actual COVID relief! The federal money is YOUR TAXPAYER funds and should be used wisely. Please do not let our leaders push this costly plan through during a pandemic without OUR VOICES being heard!!! 


Thank you for supporting this cause!!! 

How does this affect you specifically?

GREENSBORO: YOUR tax money and resources may pay for the construction costs of the multi-million dollar project!   You lose money that should be spent in your own City.  Summerfield does NOT pay City taxes. The leaders keep discussing a special tax district, while ignoring the UP FRONT costs potentially paid by Greensboro to run utilities to another Town. Greensboro would only be paid back IF this development even succeeds and then it will take decades. Greensboro could lose millions by betting on some out of town developer. Even if Greensboro uses some utility fund, a loan, a bond, or COVID relief funds to pay for the construction, that is ultimately YOUR money!    If a loan, bond or special fund are available, use it to benefits Greensboro citizens!

Although the developer discusses affordable housing in his plan, it is in Summerfield where there is no public transportation and the lowest price house in the new development is a Quarter of a Million dollars.  $250,000 is well more than the average house price in Greensboro.  How is that affordable and how does that help Greensboro? 

Greensboro is dealing with  race issues, crime and conflict, struggling families and businesses. The Summerfield developer and their Mayor have proudly noted that Summerfield pays NOTHING! Why are Greensboro leaders involved in a plan to help a developer who is NOT in Greensboro?   Solve the more important issues instead! 

Plus, water is a precious limited resource.  Greensboro is proposing a raise in water utility costs for residents. Why help fund this project instead of keeping rates steady AND saving water?

GUILFORD COUNTY: The County Commissioners propose using TENS OF MILLIONS in COVID RELIEF money to extend water lines to everyone in Guilford County.  Yet, the American Rescue Plan Act has many ways to use these funds to help local communities such as using it for the public sector, essential workers, public health, economic harm to businesses and government services. It can be used to provide clean drinking water, but COUNTY RESIDENTS HAVE CLEAN DRINKING WATER ALREADY WITH LOW COST WELLS.

Instead, the true goal stated by County Commissioners is to help developers!  That is not the intent of the COVID relief act. Our schools need $2 BILLION in repairs and over 60 Guilford County schools have a failing facilities assessment.  Our children are suffering from an unsatisfactory environment and school workers are underpaid.  Yet, instead of helping students, teachers, businesses, families and public programs, our County Commissioners want developers to get more wealthy?

Plus, more development means more traffic, noise, environmental impact, overcrowded schools, etc.  More development brings profits to developers, but hurts small town life.  And the County then bears the cost of maintaining all this infrastructure, road widening, staff for these utilities, etc. IN PERPETUITY!   

Higher taxes for us? Guilford County already tried to raise sales tax, and may raise raise property taxes to pay for $2 BILLION in school repairs, but somehow they can come up with funds and/or resources to help developers? Our County tax dollars should help repair our current schools and roads, not create new ones! Why would the new elected County Commissioners -- who many voted for because constituents wanted their leaders to oppose this  plan -- in any way consider helping a few developers over the needs of the many who voted for them?  

SUMMERFIELD:    This development will include, per the developer,  high density development,  Rental APARTMENTS (per what was reported in the News and Record),  condos, multi-family units and commercial property.  Water and sewer opens the door for other landowners (near YOU) to develop apartments, high density and commercial.  All along Hwy. 220 and Hwy.150 will be commercial property and Summerfield will be part of Greensboro. Developers profit while other citizens deal with thousands of new residents, traffic, overcrowding, widening roads and inevitably higher taxes!   SUMMERCITY!

The developer touts fire hydrants — but not near the majority of Summerfield homes -- only near his development! And research shows insurance rates ONLY decrease IF you are within a short distance of a hydrant. Further, this unique, complicated development would require the Town Council  ignore the new UDO that was created by a group of hard-working citizens through compromise.  And would cost tons in attorney's fees just to work out details. Our leaders made election promises NOT to support planned development or high density housing and stating they would never support a water system! Make them keep their promises! 


THEN read our updates and write emails to your officials asap!  Don't let this developer and our leaders take advantage of COVID restrictions to push thought this plan!  We need your help!!!!!  Thank you! 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!