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Greenpeace needs to fire their Arctic Director Jon Burgwald for accepting and wearing a seal fur vest, modeling a seal coat and promoting commercial sealing in the guise of “sustainable” and “indigenous.” hunting. His excuse is "tradition." He says, "we respect their tradition". So maybe we have to bring back slavery because it was a tradition also! Traditions that involve animal or human suffering should no longer exist in the 21st century, in a civilized world! Jon committed a crime against animals by supporting the seal hunt, it does not matter what he calls it, indigenous or commercial.

There is nothing traditional, sustainable or indigenous about a commercial company marketing seal fur to Asia and Europe.

Burgwald said Greenpeace made a mistake in opposing the seal slaughter in the Seventies and Eighties. We don't think so. However we think Greenpeace will be making a very big mistake if they fail to remove him as a director and an employee.

Please sign this petition to request that Greenpeace Arctic Director Jon Burgwald be fired.

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