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Greenhill HS Needs Leaders with Integrity

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Animal Services for Lane County, Oregon, was recently transferred to Greenhill Humane Society. Greenhill has publically touted themselves as a No Kill organization, but nothing could be further from the truth.

On 9/27, Greenhill's Executive Director and Director of Shelter Medicine appeared on KPNW-AM Wake up call.  During the broadcast, both Directors did not tell the truth.  Please see No Kill Lane County Blog post 

Factually Refuting Greenhill's Many Deliberate Lies: KPNW Broadcast 9/27/12

Please also read the testimonies of CVT Heidy Hollister and Tasha Roberts:

This testimony and others like it are why this action was started.  

Because of management policies, animals are suffering.  We are asking that the Executive Director and Director of Shelter Medicine be replaced with compassionate No Kill personnel.

8/1/12  Two kittens in the cat program arrived with URI, Dr Schroder would not examine them, but told the kennel worker that if their temp was below 103, to vaccinate them.Their temp was 103.8 matted eyes and nose,they were sent home without treatment. Dr Schroeder said they are not “our” cats yet, we cannot treat them.  However, according to the Guidelines for Standards of Care in Animal Shelters which Greenhill says they follow, “the legal status of the animal must never prevent treatment to relieve suffering.” (page 24)

7/30/12 Oakly, a senior dog with very crusted eyes, a severe ear infection and a bleeding lump on his toe was only treated by wrapping his toe.  I asked, as did others who came through the shelter, why he was left in the run without treatment for his eyes and ears. I was told that Dr. Schroder said he was to be put to death and they didn’t want to spend any money on him.  His ailments were all treatable.

In both these instances the suffering of these animals was ignored and prolonged.

Diane wrote about these concerns and others to Director Cary Lieberman and Assistant Director Jaclyn Semple and got no response.  Local animal welfare advocates have vocally expressed their concerns to the Greenhill Board of Directors and city of Eugene administrators, and have also received no response

Lieberman and Schroder fired the vet tech Heidy Hollister at the LCAS facility for advocating for animals that Schroder either refused to treat in violation of the Guidelines for Standards of Care in Animal Shelters, or wanted to put to death unnecessarily.

Diane Weaver's full testimony:

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