Bring a minor league hockey team to Springfield Missouri.

Bring a minor league hockey team to Springfield Missouri.

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Why this petition matters

Started by Caleb Ruggeri

Springfield Missouri has been known as a major Hockey hotbed in the Midwest being only second to St. Louis in the state of Missouri for its fandom.

Having lost our Junior Hockey team the Springfield Express. We the citizens of Springfield request that the City attempt to the best of its abilities to acquire a Minor League Hockey team for the city.

Reasons why we would be able to handle a team

-Springfield has Jordan Valley Ice Park which features 2 NHL regulation size Rinks

-The Population of Springfield is 169,176 (2020 Census) putting us in the top 50% of AHL (highest Minor league) home cities population

-Missouri State University Ice Bears are successful and continually have a consistent high attendance for the venue

-Springfield was Home to the US Olympic Committee's Olympic Development Program for Ice Hockey, and even with that program being over the Park Board continues its initiative under the Community Sports Development Program.

-We have the Springfield Cardinals, who continually have high attendance for Minor League teams rated 49th out of 160 teams in 2019. Or 11th out of 30 Double A teams. With 328,217 fans in attendance that season (

Potential solutions,

Making a deal with local businesses to help fund a team. And create an ownership group.

creating a tax to help finance

convincing the St. Louis Blues to buy out the Springfield (Massachusetts) Thunderbirds and moving them here.

convince an AHL or ECHL minor league owner that Springfield is a great Hockey Town and would be better for their teams business

expanding one of the Rinks at Jordan Valley Ice Park to meet a minimum of 10,000 seats. (Currently sits 2000)





597 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!