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Terminate Robert McClung as the dog warden

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*****Greenbrier County Animal Control Officer Robert McClung shot a puppy dead on his front porch on April 21 on Montvue Drive in Lewisburg.******
Max was a 2-year-old lab/boxer mix, and their other dog Tyson is a 6-month-old boxer mix. They got out of their yard overnight and got into the neighbor's trash, which has never happened before. Someone called animal control and the police showed up. Later, McClung arrived, which caused the dogs to return to their own property and wait on their front porch. McClung entered the property and attempted to apprehend Max with an animal control pole, McClung reportedly said that Max then bared his teeth at him. McClung then SHOT MAX TWICE TO "WOUND" HIM, BEFORE REALIZING THE DOG WAS SERIOUSLY INJURED (NO SHIT IT'S A PUPPY.) SO HE SHOT HIM THREE MORE TIMES TO PUT HIM DOWN. ON THE PORCH. One of the owners of the dog, Mrs. Curry, woke up to GUNFIRE as she was sleeping, terrified. Mrs. Curry peeked outside to see her beloved, sweet, family pet bleeding out directly outside her front door. She then heard a man's voice say, "Well, you shouldn't have been so stupid."
Fearing for her life, not knowing if she was about to be robbed, Curry hid in her bedroom with her daughter and called her husband, who was working. She heard a car door slam and a vehicle drive off, and hesitantly went into the living room to check outside, only to find a note stating, "WE HAVE REMOVED TWO DOGS FROM YOUR PROPERTY." Both Max and Tyson were gone, with only a layer of blood on her porch remaining.The City then charged the Curry's $600 in fines. Max's collar didn't have a rabies tag on it (he WAS vaccinated) and both of their city tags expired only weeks prior. Curry says she has no issue with paying the fines, she just doesn't want this to happen to another pet owner.
"My 8-year-old son wakes up crying several times a night for Max, and he has to see the blood on the porch because it won't come off," Curry said.
I'm sorry, but this IS NOT ok. I was PERSONALLY at the County Commission meeting where they set the Animal Control hours to match the hours of the Greenbrier County Courthouse. Quoting my story, "Commissioners also passed a motion to change the hours for the Greenbrier County Animal Control officer. The old hours were in line with regular courthouse hours, as well as on call hours. NOW, THE ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER CAN ONLY BE REACHED DURING COURTHOUSE HOURS UNLESS IT IS AN "EXCEPTIONAL CIRCUMSTANCE.""
That motion went into effect after the new year of 2015. Courthouse hours are Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM-4:30PM.   Mr. Mclung has a long history of killing animals. In 2014 there was a article published in the Mountain Messenger in regards to another similar situation please help us to end this evil mans job. No other child or family should suffer because of his ignorance.

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