SAVE Western Ghats:-Road projects to drive a wider knife​ into the Western Ghats

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Dear Sir,

Western ghats are known Bio diversity spots in the world as declared by UN. There are lots of endangered species, flora funa and animals leaving in western ghats . Western Ghats are also responsible for rain falls from time to time across Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, three states , with karnataka having the highest area coverage in terms of Kms of western ghats. Now there is a plan to widen the roads from Dandeli to Shishila , near Dharmasthala, by cutting about 7lakh trees of prime forest land inside very ecological sensitive areas affecting adversely wild life and also people living in and around the forest areas, which are proposed to be cut. 

We have recently have seen devastating floods in Kodagu and kerala, which is man made and nature inflicting very heavy damages, but still we have NOT learnt lessons from our previous mistakes and continues to endanger wild life , forest and its wealth. Cutting across 7 lakh trees from Dandeli to shishila means , cutting the very neck of the western ghats, and inviting ever inflicting disaster by nature . We need to prevent this at any cost. My request to all is please let us save our western ghats and prevent another Kodagu and Kerala. Please read through and sign my petition so that concerned agencies will be forced to take a favorable decision, lets us not leave western ghats become a victim of greedy contractors and government officials