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Stop selling CRUEL "Frog-O-Sphere" kits!

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Green Earth Stores market themselves as "eco-friendly", with a "green" image.

Yet they sell Frog-O-Spheres.
Frog-O-Spheres are kits containing live African dwarf frogs.
They are marketed as educational products - but in actuality are cruel and show a contempt for nature.
The fact that Green Earth stores condone the selling of these kits is in direct contradiction with their image. It is inhumane and they need to be called out on it.
The problem?
These aquatic frogs actually need a gallon of water per frog in order to thrive, and it is recommended the water is heated. The kits themselves - are basically a "beta fish" tank. A small, plastic "tank" which offers HARDLY enough room for these animals to survive.
It is supposed to work as an eco-system. The problem is, many of these were given away as gifts to people who did not take the proper time to learn about how to care for these frogs.
If the eco-system - which is indeed a very delicate balance of all the proper elements - is out of balance, the frogs will suffer and die a very slow, painful death.

Sure, they're cute. Your kids will love them. But it is cruel and without proper care, the animals usually die within a month or two.

I personally watched in horror as kids and adults banged and tapped on these kits which were on display at the front of the store. It was disturbing to see.
It is unnecessary.
Last I checked, Green Earth is not a pet store.
Let's please make it clear that we would like them to STOP selling these Frog-O-Sphere kits because they are inhumane, cruel and show an outright contempt for nature.
Hopefully if enough people sign this petition, we will make a "CHANGE" - and celebrate a big victory for the frogs and for Green Earth - for making a positive and more "green" change for the better.

I have confidence that the well-intentioned people at Green Earth will make the right decision and do the right thing for these beautiful and fascinating animals - who deserve much better.

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